Best Books for SSB Exam Preparation at discount rates

Best Books for SSB Exam Preparation at discount rates | SSB Exam Preparation Books

Books for SSB Exam Preparation: SSB (Service Selection Board) is conducted as per the steerage of Ministry of Defence, India. Passing the SSB take a look at provides the scope in Indian Defence services. The applicants can apply for this test when achieving the graduate degree. The test consists of Intelligence. If you’re willing to hitch ARMY, Air Force, etc. this test provides the most effective platform to them.


Lists of Books for the SSB Exam Preparation:

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

     Books for SSB Exam Preparation

Dr. (Cdr.) N.K. Natarajan has an experience of over 25 years in the Indian Navy and a three year stint as a Group Testing Officer at the Selection Center in Bhopal. In addition to serving in the navy, he also holds a degree in management and a doctorate in psychology. He has helped assess more than 1500 candidates during his term as a selection officer. Books for SSB Exam Preparation…

Let’s Crack SSB Interview

     Books for SSB Exam Preparation

This SSB Interview book by is an insight to the procedure adapted at Service Selection Boards, for the selection into the Indian Armed Forces. Certainly, if you are reading this, you, or somebody you know, is an Armed Forces’ aspirant. Pick this one, and we promise you won’t regret buying it. This book is unique in many ways. Books for SSB Exam Preparation….

Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests [Free eBooks Inside] -SSB Interview

     Books for SSB Exam Preparation

This book is published by SSBCrack and ideal for people who aspire to pass the psychology tests in SSB interview with flying colors. There are a number of different tests to be covered at each step-in order to clear the psychology test. This book will help you at every level during your SSB interview psychological tests, using the simplest language that is easy to understand and work with. The workflow of the content in this book is such that it caters to even the most novice candidates who are not very well versed with these psychological tests.

Psychology for SSB Interview (Secret Strategies to Crack the Psychological Test Unraveled)

      Books for SSB Exam Preparation

Psychological Test at the SSB includes Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self-Description Test (SDT). Since these are very unconventional tests, aspirants find it very difficult to cope with them. Furthermore, the time constraint makes it even more difficult Books for SSB Exam Preparation.

Get Success In SSB Interviews

     Books for SSB Exam Preparation

The Services Selection Board (SSB) conducts interviews for recruitment to varied posts and this book has been designed for the aspirants preparing for interviews conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB). This complete guide aims to guide the candidates through the number of stages of the SSB interviews. The book lists out the different phases in the exact chronological order of the way the test is

Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews

      Books for SSB Exam Preparation

Major Ravindran Vasudevan has revolutionized the SSB Training activities across the country. During the course of last two decades, he has trained thousands of candidates and led them to success.
• This book deals with proven self-learning techniques and tools that enable the reader to clear all the SSB tests
• It is an evidence based approach elaborated in details

How to Crack the SSB

      Books for SSB Exam Preparation

Group Discussion on Current Topics

Books for SSB Exam Preparation

Group Discussion On Current Topics braces the job seeking candidates for the tough competition that is present in a pool of candidates. To determine the ability and personality of candidates, they are screened thoroughly from various angles to meet the job’s requirement. The group discussion is one of the most popular methods to measure a candidate’s skill and abilities.

SSB Interview: 17 Hours Power Packed Video Lectures – Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan Bundled with Book on Psychology for SSB Interview

Books for SSB Exam Preparation

SSB Interview Video Lectures is a 17-hour H.D video containing 26 different parts. It is the first of its kind in India and produced by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan the author of bestselling book SSB Interview: The Complete Guide. The video covers each and every test conducted at the SSB in great detail and each test has not only been explained but also demonstrated live with the help of participants. The author has explained in detail as to how to project the Officer Like Qualities in each test and what one should do and not do.

S.S.B. Interviews

      Books for SSB Exam Preparation

Some Important Tips to Prepare for the SSB Exam:

Practice primary queries on them and skim off each question associated with these subjects. Reading NCERT books are enough to achieve info.

It is attainable that you just can’t be able to brace oneself for the communication till you’re not accustomed to your curriculum, queries patterns, marking allotment. Realize the communication connected info on-line before you begin getting ready for an communication.

Make a course of study chart and study chapter­wise this manner you may be able to clear your ideas considerably.

In order to resolve the actual drawback, don’t build guess on your own attempt to observe them as per given answer doing this can cut back an oversized quantity of your time.

Books for SSB Exam Preparation

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