Best Books for RMO Exam Preparation at discount rates

Best Books for RMO Exam Preparation at discount rates | RMO Exam Preparation Books

Books for RMO Exam Preparation: The Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO), coined because the re-RMO test is taken down within the history for contributive towards the state for the athletes. This examination isn’t any additional a three-hour test and when obtaining through the test the candidates are recruited for the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO). This examination is conducted in Republic of India for those that are highschool students. This examination is thought to be extremely competitive therefore the aspirants got to scan as several books as potential. This post is given with a number of the chosen and extremely recommended books for thorough and complete preparation of the examination. These books are written in a simple and straightforward language.


Lists of Books for the RMO Exam Preparation:

Indian National Mathematics Olympiad 2020


An editorial team of highly skilled professionals at Arihant, works hand in glove to ensure at e students receive e best and accurate content rough our books. From inception till e book comes out from print, e whole team comprising of authors.

Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics


Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics is an unusual enrichment text for Mathematics of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 for use by students and teachers who are not content and dissatisfied with the average level that routine texts dare not transcend in view of their mass clientele. It covers Geometry, Algebra and Trigonometry plus a little of Combinatorics, Number Theory and Probability. It is specifically written to the top half whose ambition is to excel and rise to the peak without finding the journey a forced uphill task.



Hall & Knight for Higher Algebra for Beginners- Classic Texts Series – Classic Text Series is a compilation of great and amazing works done by inspiring Teachers, Authors, Writers and Visionaries around the worlds in the field of Science and Mathematics. Higher Algebra for Schools, by Hall & Knight is one of the finest book trusted by lecturers and students involved in the preparations of Elementary Algebra.

Problem Primer For The Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad



201 Mind Boggling Problems In Mathematics: A must for Olympiads and Post College Entrances


The book covers 201 subjective problems each different from the other.It is meant to help the aspirants of RMO,INMO,IMO and pother Olympiads.It will also help in post college entrances like IIT JAM,GRE,ISI,TIFR,GRE,SAT,GMAT,etc

A Guide to Pre – RMO


Pre-RMO (Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad) Guide This book on Pre-RMO covers Topic Wise Theory part covering – Number Theory, Equation, Sequence & Series, Geometry, Combinatorics. Each topic is provided with with solved examples followed by 2 type of exercises. Exercise 1 : Unsolved exercise with answers Exercise 2 : Pre-RMO Previous years questions with answers

Mathematical Circles


A Guide to Mathematics Olympiad for RMO & INMO 3rd Edition


The book “a guide to Mathematics Olympiad for RMO & INMO” Has been written with a flavour to guide an aspirant from Pre-RMO to INMO. This new edition is now empowered with the 2019-20 solved papers of Pre-RMO, RMO & INMO. The book provides lucidly written theory along with a number of solved examples. The unique part of the book is the upgradation it provides from Pre-RMO to RMO to INMO. The theory is followed by 4 levels of exercises – Pre-RMO; RMO; INMO & Previous year solved questions of RMO & INMO.



Very useful for all Mathematics Olympiad at school level like Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad (PRMO), IMO, SIMO, iOM, etc., Contains over 700 high quality questions with solutions!



******SYLLABUS******Arithmetic of integers,Geometry,Quadratic equations and expressions,Trigonometry,Co-ordinate geometry,System of linear equations,Permutations and combination,Factorization of polynomial,Inequalities,Elementary combinatorics,Probability theory and number theory,Finite series and complex numbers,Elementary graph theory*****

Linking the Results of CIPM and RMO Key Comparisons with Linear Trends


A statistical approach to link the results of interlaboratory comparisons with linear trends is proposed. This approach can be applied to the case that the comparisons have the same nominal values or of a same magnitude. The degrees of equivalence between the pairs of national metrology institutes, of which both only participates in one of the two comparisons, and their corresponding uncertainties are established. The approach is applied to link CCEM-K2 and SIM.EM-K2 comparisons at 1 G Ω level.

Some Important Tips to Prepare for the RMO Exam:

The book that you simply have to be compelled to be the main focus on is pure mathematics and pure mathematics. It’s necessary that you simply keep a good data of every subject. you wish to try to to the self-study while not looking on alternative.

The first issue that’s worth-considering is strengthening the ideas and basics. At the beginning of preparation, offerattention to apply queries and solve them.

Try to perceive the important which means of the contents and don’t learn just like the parrot.

Put away one or 3 hours to apply maths before the test. offer regular and thorough attention to every numerical and dismiss them fully. try each question whereas practising for numerical because it is unequal that you simply hit any reasonably question within the test.

Giving additional specialise in the topic you’re not smart at proves to be advantageous for you. this manner you’llbe knowing a lot of|what proportion|what quantity} time ought to be spent on them and the way much attention is required to administer to become totally accomplished.

Practicing the resolved queries of the last years encompasses a slew to try to to with the scores. You need to buildit to spare a minimum of 2 hours per day to finding them for immense an ample data of the patterns followed within the test.

Solving the queries assist you become the image of the categories of queries you’ll bump into longing the question paper within the test.

If you’re finding it tough to induce some question then, in this case, you wish not lose your calm however take a deep breath and perceive the intricacies of the question. Moving to next section is additionally the issue of the wiser as you’ll save it slow over defrayal over the question that doesn’t build any sense to you.

Books for RMO Exam Preparation

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