Best Books for BITSAT Exam Preparation at discount rates

Best Books for BITSAT Exam Preparation at discount rates | BITSAT Exam Preparation Books

Books for BITSAT Exam Preparation: Birla Institute of Technology & Science: BITSAT is an Indian Institute of upper education and a university. The university has fifteen instructional departments, and focuses entirely on college man education in engineering and conjointly the sciences and on its management programs.

The institute was started in its present sort in 1964. Throughout this era, the institute’s modified from a regional engineering college to a national university was backed by G.D. Birla. BITS has established centres at Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad and Dubai.


Lists of Books for BITSAT Exam Preparation:

BITSAT Study Guide Vol – I & II


The book is designed as a self-study guidebook for all BITSAT aspirants offering hybrid learning through integrated digital support. In order to complete the cycle required for preparation of examination with the aim of qualifying, we have armed the student with BITSAT Prep App with this book. This performance enhancement tool turns the book into a more interactive dialogue medium between us and the student.

Prep Guide To BITSAT 2020


BIRLA Institute of technology & Science (BITS) is a higher education institute in India where every year, Bits Pilani Conducts a combined computer based online test for admission into first year of the various BE (Hons.) courses at all its three campuses (Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad). Arihant’s – Self Studies Guide BITSAT Prep Guide is fully updated according to the latest syllabus, complete coverage of all the sections (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) along with English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning according to the nature of questions asked in BITSAT. It also provides previous year’ Question Papers and 5 Practice Sets to make candidates acquaintance with the pattern of the question papers and way of answering to the questions. For Free Online Practice, attempt all Practice Sets From this book online for free. This Prep Guide is best-selling as it holds excellence in the preparation for this exam. TABLE OF CONTENT Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Proficiency, Logical Reasoning, Practice Sets (1-5), Solved Paper 2017, Solved Paper 2018, Solved Paper 2019

BITSAT Power Guide


Mtg’s BITSAT power guide is a unique book designed for all bits aspirants with new features and Advanced br>Chapter wise techniques. This book has been designed according to the latest syllabus and pattern of BITSAT and aims to provide a comprehensive theory of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English proficiency and logical Reasoning. The book extends its coverage over br>Chapter wise past 8 years’ questions (2019-2011), br>Chapter wise exercise and 10 Model test papers with detailed solutions to enable the students to give their best performance in the exam.

BITSAT 15 Years Chapter-wise Solved Papers (2019-2005) with 5 Online Mock Tests 3rd Edition


Bitsat 15 years Chapter-wise Solved Papers (2019-2005) with 5 Online mock Tests consists of past years (memory based) solved papers from 2005 (First year of the exam) onwards till date, distributed in 29, 31, 28, 5 & 5 topics in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and logical Reasoning respectively. The book contains 2650 past MCQs. The book also contains 5 fully solved online mock Tests.

Super 10 Mock Tests for BITSAT 2020


Super 10 Mock tests for BITSAT 2020. The book contains 10 Mock Sample tests designed exactly as per the latest pattern. The book offers the best quality mock tests with detailed solution to every question. Answer keys and 100 percent solutions are provided along with Cut-off marks for each test.

BITSAT 17 Practice Papers


Practice tests are a sure-fire way to test preparation levels and identify areas of improvement for any exam. Continuing with GKP’s mission to provide students with quality preparation material, we have come up with 17 full-length practice papers to better your preparation for btsat 2020. All the practice papers have been created by experts with years of experience with Test prep content creation. Every practice paper has solutions and detailed explanations wherever necessary.



Bitsat study manual by GK publications will serve as a complete preparation material for the BITSAT aspirants. This book covers the entire syllabus and includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English proficiency and logical Reasoning as prescribed in BITSAT. It includes more than 70 chapters with a large number of objective type questions with solutions. Towards the end, 2 Practice papers based on the latest pattern have also been provided to supplement your learning.

Self Study Guide BITSAT Prep Guide


BITSAT Rank Booster + BITSAT Online Test Series – 50% Discount Coupon Scratch Card by Career Point, Kota


bisat is one of the prestigious examinations and large number of students appears for this every year. Syllabus of BITSAT not only covers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, but also it has questions from English and Logical reasoning section.

BITSAT Booster With DPPs.


A comprehensive book containing important Information about BITSAT, English Proficiency Refresher, Logical Reasoning Refresher, BITSAT 2010-2018 Memory Based Questions, 10 years similar papers.

Self Study Guide for BITSAT ( Prepartion Guide ) 2020 by Arihant (Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics)


Book Description -: BITSAT preparation guide is the single volume complete study package , this contains complete theory and practice questions for all the subjects (Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics). Simply this is the bestseller book for BITSAT preparation, whcih helps you to understand the pattern of exam and clear all your doubts and queries about all the sections (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics).

 Some Important Tips to Prepare for the BITSAT Exam:

BITSAT is that the solely examination amongst all its contemporaries that provides its candidates with bonus queries. At the side of the summation of a hundred and fifty queries, it permits students to try an additional twelve queries however this comes with a catch. Once you decide for bonus queries, you’ve got to submit your answers to the initial hundred and fifty queries and you can’t revert back to review those answers. As risky as this might sound, several students try the bonus inquiries to score the additional edge. it’s wiser to see the a hundred and fifty answers before choosing the bonus queries as once you land on the bonus queries, there’s no going back to those a hundred and fifty queries you answered.

The BITSAT examination provides you with a negative 1/3 marks for each wrong answer. Compared to a whole negative mark for wrong answers in JEE, this might appear minute, however given the massive range of queries, it can not be unheeded. Hence, don’t answer while not being assured concerning it.

Carrying fifteen queries, English should be down pat well, given the cut throat competition in BITSAT test. You must confine bit slightly with straightforward synchronic linguistics rules well before the examination, ideally at the side of your preparation. For Verbal/Logical sections, try and follow and prepare from books like Arihant/MTG.

If there’s any book utterly garnered for BITSAT, it’s the one that Arihant prescribes. The book has queries that are  precisely at par with the amount of the examination. The book is well revised and contains most queries that are repeatedly asked within the test.

Books for BITSAT Exam Preparation

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