Best Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation at discount rates

Best Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation at discount rates | HPPSC Exam Preparation Books

Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation: Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (HPPSC) is beneficial for conducting the state civil services examination consisting of 3 phases Screening Exam, Main Exam, and Interview. The scholar will apply for this communicating within the state of Himachal Pradesh. Below in this article we have given the best of recommended HPPSC books for exam preparation written by the best of authors. So interested candidates just go through the books which will be very useful for cracking the HPPSC exam for your future.


Lists of Books for the HPPSC Exam Preparation:

Himachal 360


A major book written according to new curriculum of HPSSC. Presentation technique is innovative & scientific.

Himachal Pradesh Previous Year Solved Paper Naib Tehsildar Exam HPPSC


Solved Paper Naib-Tehsildar 2011
Solved Paper Naib-Tehsildar 2013
Solved Paper Naib-Tehsildar 2014
Solved Paper Naib-Tehsildar 2017

Know Your State – Himachal Pradesh


Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation: The present book on Himachal Pradesh state has been divided into 22 chapters namelyHimachal Pradesh: Basic Information, History of Himachal Pradesh, Physiography of Himachal Pradesh, Climate, Drainage System, Lakes & Hot Springs, Soil & Mineral Resources, Flora & Fauna, Wildlife of Himachal Pradesh, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, Industries, Energy Sector, Transport & Communication, Tourism, Art & Culture, Fairs & Festivals, Government of Himachal Pradesh, District Profile, Panchayati Raj & Local Self Government, Castes & Tribes in Himachal Pradesh, Demographic Profile, Education in Himachal Pradesh, Sport and Famous Personalities.Chapterwise Theory and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) have been given in the book along with latest current updates.

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge


Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation: This Book has comprehensive General Knowledge about Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge for the Candidates of Carious Competitive Exams.

Himachal 180


A word This book is an attempt to help HAS Mains aspirants in their quest for breaking into interview round. Challenge is to work out the new format of mains from HP perspective.

HPAS Fully Solved Prelim Papers 2010-2017: HPAS General Studies Prelim Solved Papers from 2010-2017


Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation: This PDF booklet contains 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 HPAS Fully Solved Prelims Paper along with explanation in English medium. Booklet contains more than 500 solved questions, explanation is provided by Shunya Foundation Team.

Expected 10000 Objective Questions For Himachal Pradesh Competitive Exams


Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation: This is expected objective questions from history geography polity economics science and others. Success rate is very high if followed properly as we have found 80-90% questions directly or indirectly were from this single source in various exams. Very helpful for HPSSSB subordinate exams and other himachal pradesh competitive examinations. simply follow this and get good results.

HPPCS Prelims Complete Spiral Binded Notes


Books for HPPSC Exam Preparation: Product includes the spiral binded notes for following modules:- Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 1- Indian History Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 2- Himachal Pradesh Culture and History Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 3- General Science Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 4- Aptitude and Reasoning Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 5- Indian Economy Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 6-Himachal Pradesh Economy Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 7 -Environment Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 8- Polity Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 9- Himachal Pradesh Polity ,Governance and Schemes Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 10- : Geography Crack HPPCS Prelims Module 11-Himachal Pradesh Geography.

Previous Year Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Range Forest Officer 2017 & 2007 (HPPSC)


Solved Paper Range Forest Officer 2017 & 2007 of Himachal Pradesh HPPSC

State PSC & PSU JE/AE Mechanical Engineering Planner ( English)


1 State PSC & PSU JE/AE Mechanical Engineering Planner ( English) 2 English Medium State PSC & PSU Mechanical Engineering 3 Previous Years Solved papers 1475 4 As Per revised answer Key 5 NTPC ,UPPSC, Bihar PSC ,JPSC, MP PSC, C HGH PSC,UK PSC,RPSC,HPPSC, Haryana PSC, Odisa PSC Kerala PSC etc.

Some Important Tips to Prepare for the HPPSC Exam:

First, acquire the total data regarding the pattern of course of study therefore you’ll prepare as per the strategy of the curriculum. You furthermore mght are knowing regarding the changes created within the pattern of the course of study.

Try to maintain the total confidence at some point of the preparation so you’ll keep your focus. Those that don’t seem to be certain of their preparation will explore for the simplest coaching job categories to urge the total revision of explicit subject.

Keep updates of this affairs around you. There are several choices to gather data like TV or different suggest book.

Practicing the mock test may be the simplest choice and reading through the previous year’s question paper is also an exemplary choice. Don’t answer the question once undecided of the accuracy therefore to avoid that sort of terrible prevalence at the examination time, follow the mock test daily.

It doesn’t matter what topic you select to review, what matters the foremost is knowing the ideas to the core. Attempt to analyze the that means of contents then choose it.

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