Best Books for MPPSC Exam Preparation at discount rates

Best Books for MPPSC Exam Preparation at discount rates | MPPSC Exam Preparation Books

Books for MPPSC Exam Preparation: MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission) examination M is conducted by The government of Madhya Pradesh. This MPPSC examination is survived 2 terms of paper, General Studies and General aptitude test.

This examination is understood to be the highest grading examination that you simply would possibly get with the assistance of getting ready through smart books. Applying for this examination, you ought to be known to the core everything regarding history, form of government, geography. Cracking this examination isn’t as hard because the students make it appear. below we have provided the best of MPPSC recommended books for the exam preparation written by the best of authors.


Lists of Books for the MPPSC Exam Preparation:

MPPSC Prarambhik Pariksha Pratham Prashna Patra Solved Paper

This book contains MPPSC topicwise solved papers of last 25 years along with explanations.

An Introduction to Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge | For MPPSC Exam and Other State Exams | 3rd Edition

This third edition of MP – General Knowledge is developed incorporating the latest data and information related to the state of Madhya Pradesh. It brings together a perfect blend of pertinent information with respect to the state of Madhya Pradesh as well as practice questions for both the Preliminary and Main examinations.


Madhya Pradesh Objective Question Bank : Complete Guide to State Civil Services Preliminary and Main examinations

This book Madhya Pradesh objective Question Bank has been prepared according to the recent changes that are going on in various competitive examinations of Madhya Pradesh. The nature of the questions is multidimensional, in which special importance has been given to sections like art and Culture, tourism and Polity. Each br>Chapter of the book has been prepared keeping in view the economic review and budget.

मध्यप्रदेश सम्पूर्ण अध्ययन ( Madhya Pradesh Sampoorna Adhyan for MPPSC Prelim & Main) 1e

मध्यप्रदेश राज्य सेवा परीक्षा में मध्यप्रदेश का विस्तृत अध्ययन आवश्यक है। प्रस्तुत पुस्तक की सामग्री कई वर्षों के प्रश्न पत्रों (प्रारंभिक व मुख्य परीक्षा) का गहन अध्ययन करके तैयार की गयी है, जिससे विधार्थी मध्यप्रदेश के सामान्य ज्ञान से पूछे गए प्रश्नों को समझकर सारगर्भित जानकारी उत्तर पुस्तिका में लिख सकें। इस पुस्तक मैं इतिहास, भूगोल, राजनीती,अर्थशास्त्र,विज्ञानं, आसपास की घटनाएं, पर्यावरण, कृषि उधोग, अदि सभी की विस्तार पूर्वक व्याख्या की है।

Know Your State – Madhya Pradesh

Gaining General Knowledge of Madhya Pradesh, the central state of India is essential while appearing in MPPSC or any other state level exams. The revised edition of “know your state Madhya Pradesh” has been a perfect book for aspirants to take a quick reference at the General Knowledge of this state while they are studying for any state level exam.

Geography of Madhya Pradesh Complete Study notes for MPPSC Prelims and Mains Exams

mppsc mains solved papers. paper 1


Madhya Pradesh – Ek Samgrah Adhyann

Some Important Tips to Prepare for the MPPSC Exam:

To score sensible marks within the MPPSC examination, you’re needed to browse through varied last years of books. Reading the opposite reference books is important to get the great marks within the communicating. These books have queries showing the foremost within the communicating.

You should delight in the sustenance or the food containing additional quantity of carbohydrates because it causes you to lazy that the students are needed to possess the healthy food and inexperienced ivied vegetables to stay energetic and active at some stage in the communicating. It tends to extend your focus and you’ll finish paying additional attention to the topics you may be reading.

Practicing the mock check paper can get the multiple benefits. As they assert, the toil is that the nice key to success, thus you want to not leave any stone right-side-up for to return up to the expectation of individuals by rating sensible marks.

Since any reasonably queries may get asked within the communicating, thus you prepare through several books. Reading the books written by a number of the famed books, that offers the great explanations of the every sentence, play a very important role obtaining you score sensible mark.

Books for MPPSC Exam Preparation

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